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Many nights like these were spent in the Enoshima household. Even before the two of them would rest amidst noises of explosions, screams or gunfire, the two of them would sit by their balcony whenever they could have a quiet night and stare off into the horizon. Thinking of the future. What their own future would be like in a day, a month, a year from now.

They thoughts about how good each other’s hand felt. Soft and warm, coursing with blood. 

These nights were the quiet ones. They involved no witty banter or play fights. The only moment where sanity and calm reigned supreme. Just the two of them amidst a starry Tokyo night.

They would bring out their comfiest chairs and make themselves comfortable. Neither one would have to ask the other to come outside. It became like a secret ritual the other would automatically accept to. It was something that had to be done.

Who knows how long they would be outside? Not long enough to reach morning. All they would exchange would be the occasional glance. A smile. 

A kiss.

More kisses.

It wasn’t uncommon for one to crawl into the other’s chair and sit there taking in the other’s heat. 

More kisses.

Then there would be two outcomes. Either the two of them fall asleep, or they override their body’s want to just pass out and they go back inside to continue the perpetual cat and mouse game.

One more kiss.

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